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Welcome to the most fun you can have with GIF emojis based on reggae and caribbean culture

ArtekalMoji is the best GIF emoji app and keyboard available for iPhone and Android. There are hundreds of GIF emojis based on popular terms and sayings with updates continually being released.


iPhone GIF emoji and iMessage app

ArteklaMoji for iPhone is three apps in one. There is the app itseld which allows sharing the emojis across any messaging and social platform. There is the inegrated keyboard for fast access to the emojis when you need them. Then there is the imessage app which has drag and drop sticker functionality.

iPhone App Download

GIF emoji app

The GIF emoji app is the quickest way to browse the hundreds of GIF emojis available in the app and send to anyone on any paltform. It aslo provides access to our emoji packs store that you can use to download newly released exclusive emojis.

GIF keyboard

The app also includes a GIF keyboard that makes it super quick and easy to access all the GIF emojis to send via messaging conversations from your favorite messaging apps. The keyboard is super easy to use and super convenient for expressing yourself.

iMessage stickers

iMessage stickers are super fun. You have the ability to drag and drop GIF emojis as stickers on all your imessage conversations. Make your conversations dynamic and fun

Android keyboard GIF emoji app

Android users can also get in on the ArtekalMoji fun! No matter what device you have, you can download ArtekalMoji and use the app and integrated GIF emoji keyboard.

Android App Download

GIF emoji app

Use the Android GIF emoji app to share emojis across your favorite messaging apps and as part of your social media posts. You can also use the app to download the latest and newest GIF emoji packs.

GIF emoji keyboard

With the integrated keyboard, you can have quick and easy access to the GIF emojis right from your built in keyboard. Switching keyboards is easy and convenient and makes accessing GIFs super quick.

Share GIF emojis

Between the app and the keyboard, you have access to a world of fun GIF emojis that you can easily share as part of your communications. Grab the ArtekalMoji app from the Google Play store.