The Artekal Music Streaming Charts

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The Artekal Music Streaming Charts

Music charts are great. They help us to understand what songs, albums, and artists are making waves. They educate us what we should be paying attention to in relation to what others are listening. It’s Social music listening and exploration at its best. As a reggae music streaming platform, we provide track, album, and artists charts that indicate what our users are listening to. The beauty of streaming charts is that any song, album, or artist from any era can make it onto the charts. It makes music appreciation more aligned with how we actually consume music. We are excited by new music and artists, but we also appreciate established songs and albums.

Artekal Music has charts for songs, albums, and artists who our users are listening to. The charts are dynamic and are updated in real time. So you can always know what’s trending music wise on Artekal. We don’t weigh in on any of the charts. They are organic and we sit back and enjoy the wisdom of the crowd. To check out our charts, simply launch the app and hit the explode tab. If you don’t have our app, go on iPhones and on Android to grab our app. Create a free account, start your free trial, and enjoy all the reggae charts and music on our platform.

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